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These Messages from God begin to be written by Theodore Cottingham in 2003 by pen in hand on yellow tablet. Soon instructions came to record them on a handheld recorder, and later to video them being spoken. Searchable here now is Database One, the first 2,400 messages that are lessons in this School. Feel free to search them, print them, study them, and become them.

Enter one or more keywords to search these Messages from God. Then scroll down to see results. Click on a document file name to open it. All are pdf files. Note that exact phrase searches require quotes, and wildcards such as * and ? are supported.

To start at the beginning, search for 1.1.1 which denotes Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 1. To read the last Lesson that came forth as a part of Database 1 search for 1.7.196

If it's your first time here consider searching on Meonics, "six months", graduat*, etc. Thank you.

All contents are copyright Theodore Cottingham.